My name is Renaud Millet -Lacombe .
I am sound engineer.
I created HUSH Sound to bring together under one name the many facets of my job :
Recording, mixing, mastering , producing, directing , documentary, and a thorough knowledge of the art of coffee drinking.

I like carve extreme distos as much as recording silky strings, the intimacy of a voice , the power of a symphony, a trio of postJazz , immerse myself into the minimalist electro, noisy or cavernous grooves , destructive , in a Afghan Sufi rite or a pop folk ballad .
I love LoFi as much as HiFi, and I especially love the mix of the two.
I love working in the largest urban studios as deep in the mountains of Kashmir .
I love my job .
I love above all textures,timbres, the natural, the supernatural, the extremist views, finesse, people who have nothing to lose, coffee, and sharing it all.

My role is to talk only about music.

Technology is an integral part of the recording concept. It is supporting the music. The more it is neglected, the more it is apparent . The role of the engineer is to make the listener forget about it, to be linked as directly to the music. The role of the director is to provide the necessary perspective to the musician and help him to express the music and the emotions he feels.

It has been my approach for some years now .



























































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